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CEREC® Dentistry

CEREC® Dentistry | Dr. Matthew Croston | Dentist in Green, Ohio

Chairside Economical Restorations of Esthetic Ceramic – or CEREC – has shortened the process of restoration of crowns, onlay, inlays, or dental veneers from multiple procedures to just one. At our dental practice in Green Ohio, Dr. Croston uses this advanced treatment to provide patients with a comfortable and efficient process for restoring their smile. With CEREC, patients receive custom ceramic restorations in just one appointment.

How Does CEREC Work?

CEREC technology presents a new way for creating comprehensive ceramic restorations. Using computer assisted design and manufacturing software to develop crowns and other ceramic devices, CEREC eliminates the need for sending restorations to an outside lab. As a result, dentists are able to create the best restoration for their patients’ smile in office, often within the same appointment.

To create a CEREC crown, inlay, onlay, or veneers, a specialized camera is used to take 3D images of the dentition as well as damaged tooth. These images are then uploaded into special software, which allows Dr. Croston to evaluate every part of your smile and design a ceramic treatment that fits naturally with the rest of your smile. Once the design has been completed, the “blueprints” of your restoration are processed by the in-office milling component, which creates the actual crown. Within minutes, your restoration has been created and is placed into your smile. 

How can CEREC Benefit Me?

CEREC is a computer-assisted system that allows dentists to manufacture a range of ceramic restorations in their dental practice. As a result, patients do not need to wait the customary two weeks for a lab-manufactured crown or inlay to be made. Instead, patients can visit Dental Excellence of Green for a general check-up and receive an appropriate restoration within the same visit. 

In addition to improving treatment time, CEREC offers patients a highly durable treatment option. As CEREC crowns are made from a solid brick of ceramic, they are especially durable, making them ideal for almost any patient’s needs. As CEREC restorations are customized to match each smile, patients don’t need to worry about their crown, inlay, or onlay standing out from the rest of their smile. 

At Dental Excellence of Green, we take pride in providing patients with treatment options that improve their oral aesthetics as well as functions. As CEREC uses innovative software to create its restorations, Dr. Croston is able to ensure that each patient’s restoration precisely fits their smile with miniscule margins. This treatment precision not only ensures optimal function, but also protect the original tooth from potential damage in the future. Aesthetically, the technology behind CEREC ensures that every restoration blends in seamlessly with the rest of the smile. With this same-day restoration option, patients can feel confident that their smile looks as natural as possible. 

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Green dentist Dr. Mathew Croston and his team are dedicated to helping patients achieve their best smile. With CEREC, we provide patients with convenience and high-quality results of lab manufactured restorations in just one appointment. For more information about our same day restoration options, contact Dental Excellence of Green and their Green dental practice today. 



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